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Keep your ferret happy and entertained with everyday low priced ferret toys, tunnels, & tubes. has all your ferret supplies.
Model: du6n297m
Product Summary: Marshall Octo-Play Ferret Interactive ToyThe Octo-Play multi-function toy is a maze of tunnels and holes for hours of interactive play. And the soft, cozy fleece makes a great place to curl up for some down time.Features: Octopus-inspired shape has five tunnel arms and eleven climbi..
Ex Tax:$22.44
Model: 5fwno0gz
Product Summary: Marshall Tic Tac Toe BlanketThis interactive blanket from Marshall keeps your frisky friend very entertained with a crazy game of Tic Tac Toe. He can tunnel through the ‘O’ openings on the corners and play with the game pieces. Super stimulating and mildly addictive! Product Feature..
Ex Tax:$18.74
Model: l097an4h
Product Summary: Marshall Turtle Tunnel Ferret PlaysackFerrets love to tunnel – it’s in their nature. So you can bet your feisty little friend will have a blast zooming into and out of the tunnels and openings of the Marshall Turtle Tunnel. This versatile playsack is part hideout, part playground, a..
Ex Tax:$22.44
Model: 799u96ja
Product Summary: SPOT Remote Control MicroMouseThe MicroMouse may be made for cats, but ferrets keep telling us that they love it, too. The remote is built into the base unit, so you control where the felt-covered mouse runs. It’s a fun and interactive way to play with your frisky friend (or your ca..
Ex Tax:$22.39
Model: b3efrtsh
Product Summary: SPOT LED Motion Activated Rainbow BallFerrets go wild for this motion-activated ball. When triggered by even the slightest movement, its LED lights continuously cycle through all the colors of the rainbow. Perfect for cats and dogs, too!Features: Integral on/off switch Entices your ..
Ex Tax:$4.84
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