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Keep your ferret happy and entertained with everyday low priced ferret toys, tunnels, & tubes. has all your ferret supplies.
Model: sz1swn8z
Product Summary: Ferret Nation Hide & Seek Ferret TunnelThe Ferret Nation Hide & Seek Tunnel is one toy your fuzzy won’t want to be without! Satisfy your pet’s natural tunneling instinct with this easy-to-clean, super soft tube that does double duty: when playtime is done, it makes the perfect snugg..
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Model: dm5dj08r
Product Summary: Kaytee Crinkle Tunnel Crinkly crackly fun for everyone! The 23-inch-long Crinkle Tunnel encourages exploration and tunneling activity. Attach to other crinkle tunnels for even more fun. Ideal for ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs, pet rats, or other small animals.Features: Center of..
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Model: aisceo6w
Product Summary: Super Pet FerreTrail Flex-E Fun-NelsSuper Pet Ferret Trail Bubble Wave Flex-E Fun-Nels are designed for use with other Fun-Nels parts to create a maze of fun for your ferret. Made of EZ Climb Bubble Wave Tubing – washable, and translucent for the owner’s viewing pleasure – each side..
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Model: j8nj9z52
Product Summary: Kaytee Giant Igloo Ferret ToyGiant Igloos are made of translucent plastic so you can see your pet inside. They are ideal for bigger small animals, and the one-piece design makes it easy to create the perfect hide-out for reclusive rabbits. Durable plastic construction makes them eas..
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Model: 9giuk2gc
Product Summary: KONG Small Animal ToyBeloved by dog owners, KONG’s exclusive toy is now made for ferrets and small animals too. Hide a treat inside to occupy and delight your frolicsome friend with that crazy KONG bounce. This toy makes a great companion in the cage for your pet. It even helps clea..
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Model: gjgk8wvz
Product Summary: Marshall Connect-N-Play Critter TentFerrets like to have a warm, dark space to sleep and play. Providing ferrets with a tent allows them to feel safe and cozy. You can use the tent alone or connect to other Marshall products to make an interactive play area. This tent is also easy t..
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Model: uxg9e05d
Product Summary: Marshall Ferret Ball With Bell Polar Bell 2-packThe perfect toy for your ferret! The jingle bell center is surrounded by either soft fleece or durable plastic. Ferrets, and their owners, will be entertained by biting, whipping, and tossing them.Features: Keeps ferrets active Bell ce..
Ex Tax:$4.64
Model: glhp9670
Product Summary: Marshall Bungee ToyPlayful ferrets will love this cute, fuzzy, pink platypus on a bungee, from the spring-back action of the cord to the soft, cuddly side of the platypus. The elastic strap attaches easily to most wire cages.Features: Metal swivel clip easily attaches to wire cages ..
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Model: qfc7m1ub
Product Summary: Marshall Ferret Pop-N-Play Ball PitYour ferret friend is going to love Marshall's Pop-N-Play Ball Pit, because it was made with ferrets in mind. They can jump in and out of holes and tunnel through colorful balls. It's excellent fun for multiple ferrets and other small pets, such as..
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Model: m5l5dv4n
Product Summary: Marshall Pop-N-Play Ball PackGot the Marshalls Pop-N-Play and your ferret needs more balls to play? Or maybe they just need them replaced? Here's a pack of 15 extra balls to get you started. It includes five different colors, which match the balls that originally came with your ferr..
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Model: 8c24xa7y
Product Summary: Marshall Sport Balls Ferret Toys 2-packThese toys are just for ferrets, so they’ll leave the dog and cat toys alone! Fun fleece sport balls have a jingle bell inside that entices your ferret to chase, pounce, and hide them.Features: Perfectly sized for ferrets Provides hours of fun ..
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Model: imuc4nvx
Product Summary: Marshall Ferret Super Thru-Way Tunnel TubeSatisfy your ferret’s natural instincts with the expandable Super Thru-Way Tunnel. Wind it around the furniture, curl it up in a ball, or just leave it up to your ferret’s imagination. It’s transparent so you can watch the fun unfold. Get mo..
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