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Armarkat Two Level Cat Scratcher Model X2001

Armarkat Two Level Cat Scratcher Model X2001
Armarkat Two Level Cat Scratcher Model X2001
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Product Summary:

Armarkat Two Level Cat Scratcher

The Armarkat Two Level Cat Scratcher delivers a perfect spot for lounging, batting, and scratching. Built from pressed wood and covered with gray and beige faux fur, it's both durable and soft. The tough sisal-wrapped scratching post and flat scratcher keep your cat's need to stretch and scratch away from your furniture. A hanging mouse toy allows cats to engage their hunting instincts. The upper perch is a great spot to curl up and rest.

Features: For all cats
Two tough scratching posts
Hanging mouse toy
Carpeted perch for comfortable lounging
Item Specifications:

Gray and Beige

Overall: 20"L x 14"W x 20"H
Post: 3.5" Diameter

Weight Capacity:
15 lb. max.

Covering: Faux Fur
Board: Pressed Wood

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