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Activyl for Cats and Kittens 2-9lbs 3 Pack

Activyl for Cats and Kittens 2-9lbs 3 Pack
Activyl for Cats and Kittens 2-9lbs 3 Pack
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Activyl for Cats and Kittens

Fleas are the most common external parasite found on pets, and can irritate your pet with constant itching and scratching, hair loss, or flea allergy dermatitis. Activyl for Cats and Kittens is an innovative spot-on flea treatment that is highly effective at killing fleas and preventing infestation. It doesn't just kill adult fleas, it stops flea eggs and larvae from developing, breaking the flea life cycle and keeping your home and your pets safe.

Activyl uses indoxacarb and a mode of action that uses enzymes inside the flea to activate serious flea killing power. It is applied to a small area of skin, but soon spread on the skin and coat. Fleas don't have to bite to take up Activyl; simply coming into contact with the skin is enough.

Features: For cats and kittens 8 weeks and older weighing 2-9 lb.
Fast-acting, wipes out 90% of fleas within 12 hours
Long-lasting, killing 100% of newly arriving fleas for four weeks
Kills fleas, larvae, and eggs to break the life cycle
Item Specifications:


Active Ingredient:
Indoxacarb 19.53%

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