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Model: ly0kgdr9
Product Summary: Lil Pals Mesh Step-In Petite Dog Harness  The Lil Pals Mesh Step-In Petite Dog Harness is perfect for your little friend.  This easy to put on comfort mesh harness is adjustable for the perfect fit.  With complementary trim, you can not only surround your petite dog in comfort, but ..
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Model: ygkni9vs
Product Summary: Dog Tag Art™ Little Monster Pet ID TagThe Dog Tag Art™ Little Monster Pet ID Tag is a quirky and cute way to alert everyone to your pet’s inner self and mischievous nature.Dog Tag Art™ Pet Tags are designed and illustrated from artists from all over the world and are printed with af..
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Model: ofyrxo1k
Product Summary: Dog Tag Art™ Mamma’s Girl Pet ID TagThis tag says it all. The Dog Tag Art Momma’s Girl Pet ID Tag spells it out pure and simple against a feminine pink background. No one will be surprised when you little baby girl adorns this around her precious neck.Dog Tag Art™ Pet Tags are desig..
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Model: 1r3ftu71
Product Summary: Soft, pliable 1/8" diamond braid with an adjustable leather slide and the "Alta Qualities" logo. medium 10". The rings are bright brass...
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Model: f3buzrrn
Product Summary: British Style Slip Lead for Dogs by Mendota®Hand-crafted in the USA, this combination collar and lead in one is great for training! Made of waterproof, colorfast, durable multi-filament polypropylene solid core roping in all-new fashion-forward colors and features brushed nickel har..
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Model: 3r7xu5y1
Product Summary: Mendota Command Slip Dog CollarThe Mendota® Command Slip Dog Collar provides the training benefits of a traditional choke chain and the comfort of nylon. Please remember: always monitor your dog while using a slip collar.Features: Durable, lightweight and comfortable for your pet Wa..
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Model: hxe873wh
Product Summary: Dog Walker by Mendota®The Mendota® Dog Walker™ is a martingale style lead and collar in one. Handcrafted in the USA, it's a favorite with the agility crowd as well as everyday dog owners. Made of waterproof, colorfast, durable multi-filament polypropylene solid core roping in fashio..
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Model: pm9cbnum
Product Summary: Leather Jaeger Dog Lead by MendotaThe Mendota® Leather Jaeger Dog Lead is a versatile, fully-stitched 8' Jaeger lead, made with a swivel bolt snap on each end, two swivel dee rings and a floating ring as well to accommodate almost any scenario. It can be used as a snap lead, slip le..
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Model: d30x7ky5
Product Summary: Leather Slip Dog Lead by MendotaThe Mendota® Leather Slip Dog Lead is a very effective and easy-to-use training tool. It tightens when your dog pulls and loosens when he or she heeds your correction. It's also handy when your dog is not wearing a collar. It features a fully-stitched..
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Model: 3pxk6sxg
Product Summary: Leather Snap Dog Lead by MendotaA good leather snap lead is recommended by most experienced trainers with good reason. The Mendota® Leather Snap Dog Lead has traditional function and distinctive looks. It features a fully-stitched design with a riveted swivel bolt snap and floating ..
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Model: y60wd2fk
Product Summary: Leather Traffic Dog Lead by MendotaThe Mendota® Leather Traffic Dog Lead is a short handle snap lead for situations where you need your dog close to you at all times. It features two layers of leather, stitched and riveted with a swivel bolt snap, treated to the English bridle leath..
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Model: afyjdaay
Product Summary: Obedience Dog Check Cord by Mendota®The Mendota Obedience Dog Check Cord is constructed of the same multifilament polypropylene roping used in all of Mendota's products. These check cords are UV-coated to protect against decay and fading, and are gentle on your hands. They are the p..
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